06.02.2024 - 20:31

Joseph S. - Longford

  • Type of home

    Two-story house

  • Number of bedrooms

    3 bedrooms

  • Number of bathrooms

    1 bathroom

  • Square footage of home

    I'm not sure

  • Will client provide cleaning equipment and supplies?

    No, the cleaner should bring them

  • Additional cleaning details

    I would like eco-friendly products
    I have pets
    I would like laundry done
    I would like my refrigerator cleaned
    I would like my oven cleaned
    I would like interior windows cleaned
    I would like the inside of cabinets cleaned
    I would like interior walls cleaned

  • Customer understands that pros pay to quote

    I understand

  • How would you like to meet with the Professional?

    At the customer location